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It's personal...

Oils & Candle

We've always had a passion for smelly stuff and believe that when you are at home in your own sanctuary, your senses should be taken on a journey as you move from room-to-room.  From an uplifting and invigorating aroma as you walk through the front door after a busy day, a cosy, warming and relaxing scent as you snuggle on the sofa, right through to a romantic and dreamy fragrance filling your mind as you fall asleep. 


Starting out making candles and wax melts for our own personal needs, we soon realised that our products were too good to selfishly keep to ourselves, and Scents by Seraphim was formed. Everything from our brand design, ingredients, packaging and environmental impact has been carefully considered to ensure we don't lose our way and stay true to our roots.  Our range does not include anything we wouldn't be willing to use here at HQ.

At the very heart of our business, our aim is simple, we want to provide you with luxurious, vegan friendly and cruelty free products that are bursting with fragrances that you can enjoy again and again.



  • Is derived from petroleum

  • Emits harmful vapours

  • Burning emits a black soot

  • Is difficult to remove from cloth

  • Burning may produce carcinogens

  • May not burn completely

  • Must be blended with chemicals to release fragrances

  • Supports the oil industry


  • Is derived from vegetables

  • Is natural and 100% non-toxic

  • Burns clean

  • Cleans up with soap and hot water

  • Burns cleanly 25% - 50% longer

  • Burns completely

  • Releases fragrances naturally, faster and longer

  • Supports the farming industry

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