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100ml Matte Glass Reed Diffuser

100ml Matte Glass Reed Diffuser

SKU: DIF_0001

Our matte glass circular reed diffusers are made from high quality glass and come in a choice of black or white, with a silver screw top and black fibre reeds to absorb and spread your chosen scent.


Each bottle holds 100ml to provide you with up to 12 weeks of home fragrance.


Bottle Dimensions: diameter 7cm, height 7cm


Please note: Our diffuser base is made from renewable resources, and pioneered using innovative technology - arguably the best 'eco-friendly' diffuser base available on the market. 


  • Non-flammable, making it safer than some alternatives  
  • Perfect for reed diffusers
  • Very low odour
  • Made from renewable resources, not petro-chemicals
  • Highly soluble and VOC compliant
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Instructions for Use

    1. Unscrew the bottle top and remove the bung.
    2. Screw the top back on and then add the reeds.
    3. After 24 hours, turn the reeds around for maximum scent throw for up to 12 weeks.
    4. When the fragrance has faded, purchase a refill and a new set of reeds to continue to enjoy your bottle and another 12 weeks of pongy goodness.
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