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Coloured Ombre Geometric Car Air Freshener 7ml

Coloured Ombre Geometric Car Air Freshener 7ml

These gorgeous colourful goemetric ombre bottles are filled with a range fragrances for you to choose from, simply place your order and we will be in touch with our wide range of available scents for you to choose from.  Your car scent will then be made to order for you to enjoy.


Hang in your car and take your favourite Seraphim scent on the road.


Once your fragrance has all gone, purchase a refill option and reuse your air freshener at a discounted rate.


*Please note that the bottle colour will be selected at random, unless otherwise agreed.

  • How to Use

    1. Unpackage your air freshener and unscrew the lid.
    2. Remove the stopper (keep this handy for any future refills so your oil doesn't leak - don't throw it away).
    3. Screw the lid back on and gently tilt the bottle to coat the inside with the oil.
    4. Hang in a suitable place with the supplied cord.
    5. Enjoy
  • Product Specifications

    Material - Glass (Wooden Lid)

    Capacity: 7ml

    Size (LxWxH) - 3x3x6cm

  • Important Information

    We only use the best-performing vegan-friendly base on the market!  It is state of the art, made from renewable resources and is pioneered using innovative technology.

    Non-harmful to humans, animals and the environment.

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