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Natural Wooden Flower Diffuser Reed

Natural Wooden Flower Diffuser Reed

SKU: FL_Reed

These flowers are much better than the standard reeds both in looks and diffusing scent. They will look aesthetically beautiful and are eco-friendly as they are made from natural products. Each wooden flower is handmade and the rope/wick is attached during the making process.


Fragrance fluid is drawn up through the wick and the flower head diffuses out the scent/fragrance. As the liquid is absorbed the petals will open out and may change colour depending upon the colour of the scented liquid used. These diffuser flowers last a very long time, as long as the wick is kept well submerged in fragrance and does not dry out

The rope and wire stem is between 11cm to 15 cm long and will fit any of our diffuser bottles perfectly.

Please note that some brown veining and sometimes, small holes from a "knot" in the wood are on some of the flowers as they are made from natural wood material.


**Please note that flower style is selected at random and from available stock.  Styles include rose, chyrsanthemum, dahlia, feray and peony.

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