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Summer Flowers Seeded Dust Cover

Summer Flowers Seeded Dust Cover

SKU: ACC_11_6.2CM

Our seeded dust covers are a great eco-friendly alternative to standard dust covers. 


Size: 6.3cm 

Qty: 1 x Dust Cover


Made from recycled waste paper which is embedded with mixed summer flower seeds. 

When the paper is planted the paper biodegrades while the seeds grow, leaving no waste.


Instructions for use

  1. Place over your candle when not in use to prevent dust from settling on the wax surface.
  2. When your candle is finished, fill the jar with 1-2cm of small stones, top it up with soil, place the seeded paper on top and cover with a final thin layer of soil. 
  3. Water lightly and watch your summer flowers grow!


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